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Maybe I am looking at that doll too much, but I am trying to figure out of justin is playing with monica the blow up doll.... or buddy the blow up doll
Posted By: tec | Votes: 15 | Vote

CrashNet trying to show the NMU kids the proper placement of the beer.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 14 | Vote

Sure you may just call her a blow up doll, just an inadament object. But to me she's the real deal. And DAMMIT she has a NAME, and her name is Monica! And... and stop looking at us funny when we are out on a date.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 14 | Vote

No breasts? Short hair? Rear entry? That ''her'' is probably a ''he''. I'm just sayin'.
Posted By: cdeezy | Votes: 14 | Vote

All that's needed to make this night complete is a record with Marvin Gaye's 'Let's get it on' and the finest bottle of Boones Farm that money can buy...
Posted By: zg2u | Votes: 13 | Vote

After looking at the last few pics on this's just amazing we don't all have girlfriends, isn't it?
Posted By: haas | Votes: 13 | Vote

This was taken before the tragic bee sting attack... the doctors keep saying the swelling will eventually go down
Posted By: zg2u | Votes: 10 | Vote

Off camara: HAHA, he's so small he poked a hole in it. HAHA.. loser.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 10 | Vote

Wow!!! That blow up doll gets around more than one of Haas's girlfriends... wait... oh, that jokes been used before? Dammit!
Posted By: pimp-ke | Votes: 10 | Vote

See I told you I grew into my ears !
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 9 | Vote

Hmmmm... I just can't find 'teh funney' in this picture...
Posted By: pimp-ke | Votes: 9 | Vote

Why would cdeezy think this doll is male? Hmm.. sounds kind of suspect to me. Did cdeezy wan to take the place of the doll? Only you can be the judge. Vote for this quote to answer stated question.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 9 | Vote

This is why we no longer let Justin go out in public
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 8 | Vote

Even though Monica is plastic, this was the warmest, most caring relationship Justin has ever had.
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 8 | Vote

That picture was recently shown in an e-harmony ad: - desperate male seeking for non-plastic friends -
Posted By: zybr | Votes: 8 | Vote

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