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Dec 31, 2013

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My Top 5 TV show on right now

Someone told me that right is the golden age of TV. I would like to clarify what is my favorit show means to me: I can not and will not miss a show.
4.How Meet Your Mother
3. The Office
2. South Park
1.Rescue me
Just missed the list:

30 Rock

comments (3) 03-11-2009

The People's Comments:

Considering the hot blonde who looks like the girl from 8 Simple Rules is ACTUALLY the hot blonde that was the girl on 8 Simple Rules makes Big Bang that much better. Here's my top 5... 5. Big Bang Theory (Having BNL sing the intro is genius) 4. Two and a Half Men 3. Burn Notice 2. Psych 1. NCIS And, in the spirit of Bracketology... Last 2 out: CSI: New York Numb3rs

Big Bang Theory-Is ok. I tryed watching it when first came out.I did not find it that funny. ER-Is not great, but it is still the second best hospital show on TV. The first being Scrubs. It is the best drama hospital show on TV. And top five drama show on TV. It is like NYP Blue, was in the later years.

I'm not so sure ER is that close to the top 5. It has fallen off since the heyday when Anthony Edwards was saying goodbye for the 30th time, and this season is nothing more than the farewell tour. Maybe it isn't Babe Ruth with the Braves bad, but it is Reggie Miller's last season- still the same name, still the same look and feel, but there just isn't anything special anymore. I also gave Life a shot, but it never could win me over. I get it, quirky cop. I can name a lot of quirky cop dramas that are for the most part better. Some I shall submit for your consideration. . . Burn Notice- (USA- spy kicked out of the CIA tries to figure out who burned him while using his special set of skills to help the people of Miami)- the plot is alright, but the best part is where we get the how-to guide for espionage, and in the process destroy a lot of spy movie cliches. Life on Mars- (ABC- modern cop nearly gets killed and instead gets transported through time to 1973)- I saw the BBC original and wasn't impressed. I saw BBC's spinoff Ashes to Ashes, and was bored by it. The American version is excellent. Plus we've found what Harvey Keitel should have been doing all his life. He is absolutely perfect as the politically incorrect chief. Big Bang Theory- (CBS- four smart guys hang out with a hot waitress)- OK, sure, in real life geniuses likely wouldn't get to eat take-out with someone who looks like the blond from 8 Simple Rules. . . but this is still a very funny show, and the humor, like the main characters, is far more intelligent than you might find in most shows. Top Gear- (BBC- guys test drive Ferrarris)- So three zany host spend each week cruising around in some exotic super-car, then they hand it over to a silent racing driver in a plain white fire-retardent suit, then enter into some bizarre race or challenge, like say, making it across Alabama in one piece with pro- Hillary and anti- NASCAR slogans painted on their cars, or trying to get across Africa in the cheapest car they could find. But even if you don't like cars, it's entertaining for the way the hosts play off one another, Jeremy is snide, Richard is a metro-sexual, and James drives really slow. Great fun for all.

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