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“Observe and Report” Movie Review

I am back......Now that suck for the rest of you that do not read my reviews.

“Observe and Report”  Movie Review By The Movie review Guy


Jody Hill is the Director and writer of “Observe and Report”. This is Jody Hill follow up to the 2006 movie “The Foot First way”, which Jody Hill also was the Director and Writer.


I saw “Observe and Report” this week. It is a movie about a mall cop by the name of Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen; “Knocked up”). Ronnie is not all there but loves being a mall cop. So one day a flasher show up at mall and at the same time the malls start to get robbed. Ronnie then makes it his mission to find the robber/robbers and the flasher. Instead of helping, Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta; “Goodfellas”) find the robber or flasher. Therefore, Ronnie put together his own rag-tag crew to help mall security solve the two cases. The rag-tag crew is Dennis (Michael Peña; ”World Trade Center”), Matt Yuen (Matt Yuen; “Scarecrow Slayer”), John Yuan (John Yuan; “Scarecrow Slayer”) and Charles (Jesse Plemons; “Fly Boys”). Ronnie is also trying to date Brandi (Anna Faris ;”The House Bunny”) an airhead that know she is hot and is stuck on herself that also works at the mall as a cosmetic counter sale woman.


“Observe and Report” Is nothing like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, because “Observe and Report” is dark, twisted, then make the public laugh and hopefully make big money, ware “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” is fatty down make the public laugh and then big money. However, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” is a rant for another day. “Observe and Report” does such a good job of making you laugh, when you should not, because it is so dark you have laugh. Such as the opening montage of the flasher, flashing all the mall patrons is funny as hell. In addition, the two times the flasher comforts Brandi are equally funny too. You will see ball sac and a full frontal shot of the flasher. The dialog in the movie was really good, but the acting in this movie in something to watch. Seth Rogen and Anna Faris and Michael Peña do not play their normal type of rolls. I give them a lot of credited for taking chances and pulling it off. Even more so for Seth Rogen because of how dark, twisted is part was and was still able to make public laugh. As for Ray Liotta he is the dark, but not as twisted Seth part. Liotta is the straight up straight man in this movie, but because he is so straight in the movie, they play it for laughs. The story is really-good, because of the strange, dark, twisted ride that “Observe and Report” take you on. From Ronnie personal life issues; to trying to catch the Flasher and robber; to the Ronnie romances in the movie; to the few twists at the end of the movie.


As you have read this review “Observe and Report” is not for the normal/average movie goner. When you see “Observe and Report” you have to be open-minded and be able to laugh at the dark and twisted of “Observe and Report”. This is a very dry movie, but they do just a great job. That you find your self-thinking should I be laugh at this joke, while you are already laughing at the joke. That take skill to make one some laugh at something that their head is not sure they should be laugh at. Finally, the music does what it should do for a movie it really set the tone for this dark and twists movie.  


I give this movie three and half Prozac pills out four Prozac Pills.




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