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Movie Review of: "Moon"

I saw the movie “Moon.” It is about an Astronaut named Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell, “Frost/Nixon”) that is station on the moon with a computer named GERTY (Voice of Kevin Spacey). Sam Bell had a contract with Lunar to be on the moon for three years. The movie starts with Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell, “Frost/Nixon”) having only two weeks left until he leaves the Moon and goes back to the Earth.  Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell, “Frost/Nixon”) job on the Moon is to help harvest supplies and send rockets of helium-3 to the Earth. Helium-3 is the current clean and abundant fuel used on the Earth. Helium-3 is the resource used to help with the energy issues on the Earth. I cannot say anything more about “Moon” plot without given away the twist in the plot.  

            “Moon” is a one-actor movie with Sam Rockwell “Frost/Nixon”). I can count on my hand how many actors that can pull off a one-actor movie and Sam Rockwell (“Frost/Nixon”) is on that hand with the first three fingers. The last time I saw someone pull off this kind of one-actor show with such skill and grace was Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away.” People are saying,”Moon” is Sam Rockwell “Cast Away,” which I agree with.   

With “Moon” being an independent Sci-Fi movie all, the special effects are believable in the way the film looks. When you see this film, you will see it from the opening shots of the moon to the space station itself and with shots on the moon itself.

 “Moon” is a heavily dialog driven movie, even with being with one actor and they pulled it off in such a spectacular and creative way. It will blow your mind.  If you like shit blowing up every ten minutes, hot women show their ass half the movie and racist robots then this is not your movie. “Moon” will make you ask question to yourself by the end of the movie. This movie is so tightly put together there are no hole in the plot. Everything that happens made scents. There was no crazy Sci-Fi plot that throws the whole movie out of whack.

I give “Moon” four out of five stars.


Director:Duncan Jones


Writers:Duncan Jones (original story) and Nathan Parker (screenplay)






comments (1) 07-12-2009

The People's Comments:

Something I didn't know when I saw the movie: the director is a son of David Bowie. http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Movies/07/21/duncan.jones.moon.movie/index.html

This film is starting to get a wider release, so if you're a fan of story-driven sci-fi, you're running out of excuses to not see this excellent film.

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