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Movie review of: “Funny People”

 I saw the movie “Funny People”. It is about a famous comedian and actor by the name of George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) dealing with having a terminal, inoperable health condition, because of the condition he think about his life and does like the like the man he has become. Therefore, George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) try to find out what things matter to him. One night at  a comedy club George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”)  meets a struggling, up and comer comedian Ira Wright (Seth Rogen; “Observe and Report ”).  George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) ask Ira Wright (Seth Rogen; “Observe and Report ”) to be his Assistant and to write him some jokes.

                This is quite simply Adam Sandler best film to date. He put everything together in this film with the drama and comedy he perform in this film. The emotional rage he shows in awesome, like when he found he out he saw sick. Sandler pulls at your heart heartstrings, with the way he acts in this movie. Always know Sandler could pull off such a movie. I just hope he keep going forward with his acting career, not like way he took a step back after “Punch-Drunk Love”. In addition, going off and doing a bunch of silly movie that are average or below average at best. As take changes with his career, just need to a little bit more. He does types movie like very three to four years. He needs to cut that down big time. The one thing I used to say after I saw “Punch-Drunk Love” was, “He could become the next Tom Hanks”. I would love to see Adam Sandler get one or two Oscars. I think he might have any outside shot to get some nominations for Best Actor in Golden Globe, Oscars and Actor Guild Award for “Funny People”.   

                The supporting cast carried their weight. Seth Rogen (“Observe and Report”) was not over shadow by Adam Sandler, (Spoiler alert:  like when Ira Wright (Seth Rogen; “Observe and Report”) finds out George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) is sick.)…… They had a great given take in all there scenes. (Spoiler alert: Seth Rogen (“Observe and Report”). does a great job of showing much Ira Wright has grown from the start of them to the end of the movie. Therefore, plays awesome against how George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) has not grown one bit.)……. Leslie Mann (“17 again”) just keeps growing as an actor. Leslie Mann (“17 again”) show she be more than the hot, bitchy, funny women. She has also grown as an actress. She shows some great range in “Funny People”. We all know she can bring the funny. Well In this movie Leslie Mann brings the drama. This is Leslie Mann biggest roll she had in a while. Leslie Mann plays, Laura. She is George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) ex-eternal flame. Therefore, you can tell by that she got a big part. Jonah Hill (Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian) has his normal size roll in this movie.  Jonah Hill (Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian) is his normal funny has hell. Jonah Hill plays, Leo Koeing. He is also a up and coming comedian that is best friends and roommate with Ira Wright (Seth Rogen; “Observe and Report ”).  Jason Schwatrzman (“Shopgirl”) shows me once again why he is just a funny, funny actor. Jason Schwatrzman plays, Mark Taylor Jackson. He is also friends and roommates with Ira Wright (Seth Rogen; “Observe and Report ”). Mark Taylor Jackson (Jason Schwatrzman; “Shopgirl”) is actor playing a teacher on a teen high school TV show. Mark Taylor Jackson (Jason Schwatrzman; “Shopgirl”) he acts like a major actor, when he is a mid level actor at best, but good dam Jason Schwatrzman does a great job of it. Eric Bana (“Star Trek” 2009) show he can play comedy, as good as he plays drama. Eric Bana (“Star Trek” 2009) plays, Clark. He is the husband of Laura (Leslie Mann; “17 again”). The last person to talk about in the supporting cast is Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation"). Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation") plays, Daisy. Daisy is an up and coming female comedian. She plays a very interesting part in this movie. For being a new actress she really hold her own when she on the screen with the other actors. They all do such a great job of give and take in this movie. (Spoiler alert: There also crazy amounts of awesome cameos in “Funny People” The best cameo come after George Simmons (Adam Sandler; “Bedtime Stories”) finds out his terminal, inoperable health condition has gone into remission and throws a party. The major cameos in this scene are Ray Romano and Eminem. This is funniest scene I have seen all year. I am laughing right now just thinking about. F*&^ it was fun)………This cast has awesome chemistry with each other. They made feel like it was a bunch old friends getting together to make a film.

                This has a really life feel with heart like all of Judd Apatow films have, if he does the directing and writing of the film.  With that, this not a normal Apatow film, because it is his darkest movie yet. “Funny People” has shown that Apatow grown as director and writer. Apatow take shots at Hollywood even more than normal in “Funny People” and it work so good. Apatow give an inside look at being a young comedian and trying to make it has an actor.  Apatow amazes me with how good he can write real life dialog. The footage used at the begin of the movie really set tone for rest of the movie. “Funny People” is funny from the start to the end.



                                          Five Murrrman out of five murrrman.

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