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Tin Indians Keep Name, Get Bailout Funds

Tin Indians Keep Name, Get Bailout Funds

Originally published August 10, 2009

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL (AP) - The Chicagoland Tin Indians will retain their General Motors Pontiac brand nickname through the FFF 2009 season, and have also received federal bailout funds for the remainder of the year.

Sources wanting anonymity have stated that part of the General Motors federal bailout funds were allocated to the marketing and promotion of the Chicago based FFF league team. "We were worried that the loss of GM would mean the loss of the sponsorship income, but we're thankful that the bailout covers our team. This means that we can rush out and sign all those high priced free agents that are available. We're going to flat out buy a championship for this team."

Sears Centre officials were concerned that the loss of the Tin Indians would result in another four Sundays, two Saturday mornings, and a Thursday afternoon that the building sits vacant. Having the Tin Indians secured through 2009 guarantees that the building is empty only 334 days of the year.

Beef-A-Roo officials from Rockford, IL were unavailable for comment after learning that they were only the number two option for the Tin Indians sponsorship. Free cheddar fries for every Brett Farve touchdown throw will continue for 2009.

The Indians will not be changing their name to reflect the federal assistance. "We do not want to confuse fans by using the name of our Y! USCHO2 Fantasy Baseball league name," said Tin Indians general manager Josh Pifke, "The Taxpayer Bailouts are currently 99-72-9 in their four team league, and looking to be the Champions. There will be no cross-naming to tarnish the brands."

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