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Source: DSL is Hikone high bidder

Source: DSL is Hikone high bidder

Originally published August 19, 2009

DUNDEE (Y!SN) -- A high-placed Fantasy Football Fever source has told Y!SN that Deezies Sports Limited was the high bidder in Saturday's auction of the Hikone High Rollers franchise. DSL had previously owned and operated the franchise as the Deezies fa Sheezies.

A spokeperson for Standard Equity Enhancement Yields of America (SEEYA) -- the firm handling the auction -- had declined to identify the winning bid on Saturday, citing a need for FFF approval of the purchase. An official announcement is expected to be made once the league approves the purchase. It is unclear whether the FFF will allow the new owner to participate in the annual owners' meeting scheduled for later this month, or if the franchise will be allowed to field a team this season.

The Hikone Gambling Authority (HGA) purchased the High Rollers franchise from DSL last November. The troubled franchise had been in a downward spiral since the sudden disappearance of longtime head coach C-Deezy fa Sheezy following a 2007 playoff loss, but had briefly rebounded under the new ownership. However, the indictment and subsequent conviction of HGA owner LaRon "Bookie" Williams on federal racketeering charges led to a sharp decline in revenue that culminated in the bankruptcy filing last May.

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