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Charges dropped in pre-game incident
Nov 29, 2011

Report: C-Deezy arrested before Ex-Cons game
Nov 27, 2011

Deezies Sports Limited press conference 10-4-11
Oct 04, 2011

Apparently the Chileans have been engaged in "off-shore drilling"
Oct 11, 2010

Afterparty transcript delayed
Oct 01, 2010



Tin Indians Statement on Silver Division

The Tin Indians would like to welcome all the Chicago based media to the Sears Centre to discuss the 'silver' rating our team has been assigned.

We are submitting a 40 page formal complaint to the FFF league to discuss why we should have been included with such prestigious teams like 'The Gold Standard,' Dundee Dolphins, and...

... Wait, you mean I'm lucky we were even re-invited back? They're only using us to make sure they had an even amount of teams?

Oh... Ummm... The Tin Indians would like to announce that we are NOT filing a complaint with the league, and that we're gathered to announce that all 13 regular season games and every post season game can be heard all over parts of Cook County on AM 1650 this season. That's right, AM 1650, your home for all of the Illinois Department of Transportation alerts AND now the FFF Tin Indians.

Simulcast of the games are also available on IDOT's sister station AM 530.

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