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Segment from The Dexter Kyle Show, 9/10/09

(Segment from The Dexter Kyle Show as aired 9/10/09 on the Yahoo! Radio Network)

DK: With just a few days to go before the start of the Fantasy Football Fever season, we're taking a moment to talk about one of the most controversial figures in FFF history. C-Deezy fa Sheezy was the namesake and head coach of the Deezies fa Sheezies. A former professional wrestler, fa Sheezy made a successful transition to the world of football, acquiring a record that few coaches have matched. Now there's a documentary being released called "Forever Deezy" that looks at his life and career. Joining me in the studio to talk about the film is the producer behind "Forever Deezy," Thomas Lee. Thomas, welcome to the show.

TL: Glad to be here, Dexter.

DK: Let's start with the making of the film. I understand that this was supposed to be released much earlier. What happened?

TL: We had been following C-Deezy for most of 2007, ever since he was released from rehab, because the original plan was to look at his life and how he was able to do what he did. Of course, once he disappeared, the investigators were looking for any lead they could get, so we agreed to turn over what we had, which slowed down our production. And then, when we finally had a first cut, there were some legal manuverings about who had approval over the final product. But, you know, even with all of the delays, I think this is still a very timely film, especially now that the Deezies are playing again.

DK: Many people forget that C-Deezy got his start as a professional wrestler, and spent many years with what was then the WWF. When that period is covered in the film, there's very little footage of him wrestling. Was that an artistic choice?

TL: No, not really, and that was one of my frustrations about this project, but also one of my motivations for seeing this to its conclusion. C-Deezy spent years in wrestling and during his heyday, he was one of the most popular wrestlers there, but now you rarely hear him mentioned in those quarters, and when we approached the WWE to get some footage of him wrestling, they flat out refused us. So, we had to rely on stills and photos that were taken by the various magazines. Luckily, we were able to obtain rights to his first match after leaving the WWE, where he wrestled Mr. Excitement in a 60-minute draw, so there's some wrestling, and we've included that entire match as one of the bonuses.

DK: Speaking of extras... one of the features that may surprise some people is the inclusion of the movie "Thugtastic" as a bonus disc. How did that come about?

TL: That's actually a pretty funny story. We had sent a standard inquiry to the movie studio to get permission to use some of the footage in the documentary. About a week later, I get a call from someone in their sales department, asking "how much?" I figured he was asking how much we were willing to pay for licensing, so I gave him a figure and he said he'd send the paperwork over. About an hour later, our fax machine just starts going *nuts*, just page after page after page of this contract, and I'm thinking, "oh boy," you know? That there are going to be so many restrictions that it's not going to be worth the hassle. We take the paperwork over to our lawyer, he looks it over, and says there must be a mistake, because it's a contract to hand over the full rights. So he calls their legal department and, sure enough, they want to give us the whole kit and kaboodle for a song. So we bought it. I mean, there was no way that we were gonna pass that up.

DK: You have probably heard all of the rumors surrounding the how and why of C-Deezy's disappearance...

TL: Oh yeah.

DK: ...and, in putting together this documentary, you certainly have had the opportunity to get inside his head, his life, and able to draw some informed conclusions. What do you think happened to him?

TL: You know, that's the million dollar question, isn't it? To just disappear at the height... I mean, sure, he had the legal situations, but, really, those were just minor issues, nothing that would have sent him to prison or anything like that. And even when the whole thing with Henry came out, C-Deezy was never mentioned as being involved. So, looking at the big picture... the winning season, the new contract, the rehab... the guy was on top. Sure, the Stanley upset, that was big, but this was someone who had already seen some of the highest highs and the lowest lows. I don't buy for a minute that that would make him just walk away without a trace.

DK: You can't forget about the gambling rumors, though.

TL: Well, here's the thing. Those were all tied up with Bookie Williams, but when that all went down, with everyone around Bookie trying to get a plea deal, you'd think that someone would have said, "hey, I know what happened, I know what happened to C-Deezy," even if they didn't know, just because that would be a surefire way to trim some time off. So my guess is that something happened to C-Deezy, something he didn't plan on, but I don't think we know what or why.

DK: Fair enough. Last question before we wrap up: why should anyone want to see this film?

TL: That's an easy one. C-Deezy was a fascinating person to me, and my goal is to make that fascination come alive to anyone who sees the film. It's a classic American story about succeeding against the odds, and doing it more than once.

DK: Thomas Lee, the producer behind "Forever Deezy," a documentary about the life of the late C-Deezy fa Sheezy, which arrives in stores next week. Thanks for joining us, Thomas.

TL: Thank you, Dexter.

DK: After this break, we'll talk more about the start of the Fantasy Football Fever season, including a look at how some coaches are getting the word out about their teams. You're listening to The Dexter Kyle Show on the Yahoo! Radio Network.

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