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Partial Transcript from The Morning After with Angela Yee

This is a partial transcript from The Morning After with Angela Yee on Monday Sept 29, 2009 at 9:30 am

ANGELA YEE: So you are calling in to set the record straight?

Coach YOUNG: You know it. I heard a recording of your boy DJ Sky Hawk talking to Deezy this past Saturday night.  I know the kid has a new song "Statutory Rape" and that Shade 45 wanted to be the one to pop it off. But come on, how Hawk going to let him punk me like that and not call him out? It was pretty clear to anyone that was listening that Deezy "Michael Moored" my webcats and spent countless hours cutting a pasting the audio together to make what I can only think is his masturbation tape.  Which really kind of freaks me out. Think about this few years ago I found out that I had sex with two post-op transsexuals at the same time.  That next year C-Deezy had sex with the same post-ops.  At the time I found it odd as he already knew they were post-ops, but now, it all starts to become clear.

AY: whoa whoa whoa, what are you sayin'? Do you actually think this brotha' is on the downlow?

CY: On the downlow? That queen couldn't be more upfront with his love of the cock.  But I'm not here to talk about that.  No one really cares that what he does in his bedroom. That's between him and his gay lover. But the truth is, someone that does that, I mean, doesn't that just weird you out?

AY: Yeah, it's the same feeling I get when I look on the 'net and see my head pasted on some other girls body.  You just know some dude did that just so he could jerk it to the thought of it...

CY: ... Look, I just did what I could to get in his head this year. Make him make mistakes.  If you look at the score from last night, it clearly worked.  But he took it to a new level, a very very creepy level. With that said, dude calls me out on the best channel on Sirius, Shade four five, on the show that's only second to The Morning After with Angela Yee. He best be coming with something better come cookie cutter grade school shit.

AY: I feel you on that, it was pretty weak, but you know how my boy Hawk likes to play to his guests egos.

CY: Yeah, true that. It's a pretty big ego C-Deezy has.  Dude said I don't have a seat at the table?! Mother fucker I built the table.  Every year that I hadn't been banned from the draft we made the playoffs. Until you have to bring a team back from the bottom due to the ineptitude of the league to be inclusive, you haven't done shit.

AY: Well it was a diss song, you've got to expect some jabs.

CY: Angela you know me, I've got a sense of humor, I'm ok with the whole thing.  The guy has a talent... for coming in second. Coaching, wrestling, rapping, and even thugging he's always coming in second.  And again, I only went after him as much as I did because I knew it would get in his head.  You heard that nonsense he was spitting on that mic.  Calling me fat & dumb, talking about how the ExCons are suspect.  Call us suspect when you talking about rubbing one out? Come on man, think about what you are saying before you speak it.

AY: You got anything else on your mind my handsome hunk?

CY: Yeah, don't forget to listen LIVE tomorrow night were I take questions once again from the fans.  And enough of the Deezy talk people, that cat has proven this year he should have never signed in.

AY: That was Coach Young via the hot phone.

Group: Coach Young is up / Coach Young is up / Coach Young is up / he's up / he's up / he's up

AY: Have a good one Coach, maybe we can spend some time in Morocco again...

CY: You got it Miss Yee ... text me sometime when you in town...

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