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(Air Mcdead Presser) before our thrid loss of the year

This is a quick Statement from Air Mcdead Owner.

Since League will not let me post this Presser....because they can not handel what I talk about....I had find a other way to get the presser...out.

The Presser in full.....

Owner Kevin: I have no statement today. So go head with the Spanish Inquisition, you jackals.

Q: Why are you doing a presser after a win? I thought you were only doing the presser after losses.

Owner Kevin: Wow!!! A question that is based off a good, smart thought, I am just shocked. Well to answer this question. I am just getting next week presser out of the away. We already known we are going to lose bad. So we are not going to try this weekend. Actually after this presser the doors will be lock until Monday.

Q: How do you known you are going to lose this weekend?

Owner Kevin: Because Coach Young already said we our going to lose to him and when he made a statement it come true, like being number one. He said it, so it will be done.

Q: I thought Dundee DolphinZZZZZZ were number one?

Owner Kevin: I do not care what the standings say. If Coach Young said it is true. He said it, so it will be done.

Q: Well you know that is just a statement on his part right and you still have to play the game Right?

Owner Kevin: Hey, asshole all I have to do is die. Yeas I do those are just statements, but he said it, so it will be done, like beating Lions 0-32. Anyway we already got what we wanted out of these two weeks, one win. We do not need will a lot of game to make the playoffs. There two this

Q: That is a pretty piss poor why to run a team that made the playoffs every since 2003?

Owner Kevin: Hey Asshole, I only care about two things in regular season. One: We win a game. Two: We make the playoff no what. We not need to win the regular season title. I only care about the league championship.

Q: Why are you not as flashy as the other teams in the league?

Owner Kevin: The reason is I respect every team and most of the owners in this league, because any given team can beat, given team in any game. I do not need make grandiose predictions to show how good my team is. Me making the playoffs or not make playoffs show that. End of story. Plus, you see what happen to last few coaches and or owner that did make grandiose predictions.

Q: So does that mean you respect Ex-Cons and Coach Young?

Owner Kevin: What did I just say asshole. I respect every team. As for Coach Young no I do not respect him, because he not even a man. How can you respect a man that has to lie about not being married? Then to make him self seem like a pimp. Come on. To me he nothing more then a fag and I do not respect fags.

Q: So you do not like gay people?

Owner Kevin:

I do like gay people. I hate fags.

Q: So you do not like gay people and how can you say such things?

Owner Kevin: Hey asshole I just said I like gay people. I hate fags. Don’t you asshole watch “South Park”? Fag is not gay people, it is an extremely annoying, inconsiderate; person most commonly associated with Harley riders.

Q: Is that not show on Comedy Central with little kids from Colorado?

Owner Kevin: Yes.

Q: We stop watching that about three years ago.

Q: So you are not going to try and beat Ex-Cons?

Owner Kevin: For the second time asshole NO we will not try to beat Ex-Cons. Like I said before Coach Young already said we our going to lose to him and when he made a statement it come true, like he said he is not married. So why would we try and beat him? Because he said it, so it will be done. Actually after this presser all the doors will be lock until Monday.

Q: So Coach Young as questioned weather you are straight or gay? So do you want to answer this question?

Owner Kevin: Yes I would like to answer this question. I will only say this only once. My ass has be used more then a truck stop glory hole. So there is no misunderstanding, yes I am gay. I love cock. That is one of many reasons I watch porn so much. Plus I like to watch people fuck! I have some major issues. I am just glade that I saw able to finally get this off my chest. At lest I do not have to lie about what I am like some people in this league. I have no issue with my sexuality

Q: What about repeated requests Coach Young has made to you about you showing on field to get your porn he has stole from you?

Owner Kevin: Just like this great country we live in, I and my team will not give into threats by a self proclaimed pimp. As a matter of fact, if he did steal my porn it does not matter. I am half owner of Adam and Eve. So I can get as much porn as I want. On top of that, I have never had Coach Young over at my house. I did not live in an apartment with coach Pool. I live in a BIG FUCKING house with all my porn and normal movies. With that being said, I am not even going to be at the FUCKING game. Instead I am going be watching what every game is one TV this Sunday.

What do you got to say about Coach Young talking about the title you won in 2005, but is in question because the trophy did have your name on it?

Owner Kevin: First off I do not have or need a trophy/”Gold” in my house that Coach Young has never been to show I am a champ. I am a man, not a self proclaimed pimp or a thug. All I need is the banner hanging in the rafters of my house and all I need to do is look up and see what I did in 2005. Also my manger name is in the recorder books, as WalMartsuckass. Which as been my manger name since 2003. Which also show I have won a title in this league. Also with logic that coach Young has, No coaches, No GMs or players have ever won title in NFL, MLB or NBA, because their name is not on the trophy. So guess Vinn Lombardo has won the past 32 Super Bowl, because his fucking name is on the trophy.

Q: What do you mean by this statement, “At lest I do not have to lie about what I am like some people in this league.”?

Owner Kevin: What I mean asshole is that some people lie about what they really are. Like Coach Young. Acting like Pimp and saying he is not married.

So you assholes got any more questions, If not I got to go because I got an important trip to OhiO to pick up a car full of gay DVD porn………….Ok then thanks everyone and have a great weekend.

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