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Tom Wopat Fan Club Accused of Second Major FFF Violation

COOTER COUNTY (Y!SN) The FFF has accused the Tom Wopat Fan Club's coach Pool of bribery and general shadyness in regards to his team's draft position throughout league history, according to league sources.

This marks the second major violation the Fan Club has been accused of in as many weeks.

"Look at Wopat's draft position through the years," an anonymous league source stated. "They've never drafted later than sixth and they usually get pick 3 or 4 every year. That's total horseshit."

The FFF also reportedly has sources that claim coach Pool has attempted to bribe various league officials in order to receive a higher spot in the draft.

"The idiot tried to bribe me with 10 bucks and a "Juice Newton's Greatest Hits" CD, a source said. "Sure, 'Queen of Hearts' kicks ass but it was the principle of the thing. We have to maintain some sort of league integrity."

No word yet out of Camp Wopat as we await on what if any action the FFF will take. With the ongoing C-Deezy fa Sheezy saga some fear this may get swept under the rug as the league tries to maintain a profitable, fan-friendly product.

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