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Wopat "Consultant" Claims He Knows the Real C-Deezy Story

The newly-appointed "consultant" of the Tom Wopat Fan Club has made a startling accusation.

"Don Rayne", the new Wopat "consultant" is claiming that he knows the real story behind the disappearance of Deezies coach C-Deezy fa Sheezy about three years ago.

And that information apparently is coming with an asking price.

"I know what happened with Deez when he fell off the radar," Rayne said last night in a statement while wearing a paper bag over his head but carrying his 1999 Heisman Trophy that clearly was marked "Ron Dayne."

"We gonna tell the whole world the real story, the one that Deezy don't want y'all to hear, yo." Rayne continued. "And if Deez wants this to go away, they gonna haffta trade us they Tight End Dallas Clark, yo. This ain't extortion, but we need us a solid TE and they got one. Celek ain't cuttin' it so far, you dig?"

"But I ain't no snitch" Rayne also said.

"This clearly violates several rules within the FFF code of conduct," Wopat owner William Clay Haas said in a telephone interview late last night after hearing what Rayne said. "But I've been made aware of the backstory with this 'Don Rayne' character and I don't want to end up in a garbage bag at the bottom of Lake Superior, so I'm all for it" Haas stated.

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