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Wopat Week 3 Presser

Q: So you're only a week into having your new "consultant" around and already you're dealing with extortion and revealing secrets?

JP: Look, I was not aware that Mr. "Rayne" was planning on saying what he said. We do not condone his statement and I even met with him this morning to make sure that sort of thing doesn't take place in the future.

Q: So, "Don Rayne" will not be revealing what he knows about the controversial disappearance of coach C-Deezy fa Sheezy?

We hear a voice shouting from behind a wall.

DON RAYNE'S VOICE: That all depends on Deezy, kid. I ain't no snitch!

JP: Never mind all that; we got our first win of the season last week and we got a tough one coming up against another former FFF champion, Radioactive Man.

Q: Nobody cares. We heard a rumor that with "Don Rayne" around you've had to hire extra security and you're now fearing for your own safety?

JP: No, that's not exactly true. We realize that "Rayne" has made some enemies in the past, to the point where he had to enter the witness protection program to escape being taken out by mulitple former FFF players execution style...

DON RAYNE'S VOICE: I ain't scared of any of them Williams boys, punks. Take they best shot. I ain't no snitch!

Q: So, you personally aren't worried for your own safety around here?

JP: Well, I'd be lying if I said every night when I go to bed, I know for sure if I'll be waking up in the morning.

Q: Alright, touche.

JP: Look, we just look at this as an exciting new phase in the Wopat empire. And if a few interns get taken out by friendly fire in the process, so be it.

Q: Has "Don Rayne" told you personally what he knows about C-Deezy's past?

JP: Geez, do you guys want me to get popped or something?

DON RAYNE'S VOICE: Ain't no one gettin' popped, ya heard? You better cough up D-Clark, Deez! Ain't no one wanna know what I know, you feel me?

JP: Can someone go back there and slap a muzzle on that guy?

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