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Wopat Week 4 Presser

Q: Because it's painfully obvious to everyone here, can we just start calling your "consultant" by his real name Ron Dayne?

A voice is heard from somewhere in the back...

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Ron Dayne don't exist no more, son! As far as the witness protection people are concerned, I'm Don Rayne, understand?

Q: How the hell did you end up in the damn witness protection program anyway?

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Let's just say I been at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people on several occassions, dig? I got more people looking for me than Taylor Swift's new album, yo.

Q: Because you snitched, right?

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Oh hell to the no! I know you didn't just call me a snitch. 'Cause I ain't one.

Q: Well, you sure got rebuffed by C'Deezy last week. After your little threat, the dude said he didn't even know you.

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Yeah I was a little surprised by that, homeboy. Deezy never heard of me? I got info on Deezy that would make Coach Young very interested, you feel me?

Q: Okay, I know you didn't just publicly say you were gonna give information to one coach that could help against another coach, right?

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: I ain't no snitch! I just hurt that Deezy gonna play it like that. After all we been through. All those nights in the clubs with Travis Henry and Dominick Davis. Bad boy stuff, hear me?

Q: I heard you're the reason Travis Henry got arrested.

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Goddamn it, I ain't no snitch! How many times a brother gotta tell you that, punk?

COACH POOL: Anyone have a question for me?

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: If Deezy wanna pretend they ain't no history with me, fine. That's between him and whatever he into now. Sounds like he in trouble up in Marlette anyway, yo. And I ain't got nothing to do with that either, so don't even be asking that.

Q: What about Jimmy Smith? There were rumours you were out drinking with him the day he got arrested for drunk driving, but you fled the scene when the cops pulled you over?

COACH POOL: Seriously, we won another game last week...

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Yo, Jimmy Smith and I never hung out. He like 30 years older than me. What was we gonna do, play shuffleboard and watch episodes of Murder She Wrote on TV Land? That's not how the Dayne train roles up in Madison.

Q: Dude, you just said your name and where you came from...

RON DAYNE'S VOICE: Never mind all that. So since my threat with Deezy didn't work, I'm looking forwards now, yo. That mean our next opponent, team Touchdown Burger. And guess what, son? I know the real story of what happened between Lightning and Trenkle. And if Lightning don't want this story goin' to y'all, they gonna have to trade us Antonio Gates, understand? The info I got is dangerous for they future, feel me? I want Gates back on Team Wopat, yo. If Lightning be smart, he'd act on this one.

Q: What a f'n snitch this guy is.

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COACH POOL: Seriously, we won another game last week...

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