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BREAKING NEW: Coach Young arrested

MARLETTE (Marlette Leader) - There are some rumors that Coach Young was just taken into custody during halftime of the Ex-Cons in Marlette.

From sources inside the Ex-Cons' locker room this arrest seems to stem from an assault caught on video that had been uploaded to the popular website This video allegedly shows Coach Young assaulting Coach C-Deezy fa Sheezy during what was billed as the "Skills Challenge."

Earlier in the week Coach Young in his weekly webcast said that, "we worked out a deal with the prosecutor’s office." This deal stated that if fa Sheezy accepted and won the skills challenge that all charges in Marlette would be dropped. The deal was independently confirmed by Y!SN.

During The Deezies Afterparty, fa Sheezy said that his upcoming victory in the so-called "skills challenge" will be the end of his legal troubles, and the end of the Ex-Cons' Coach Young.

While it unclear when the so-called "Skills Challenge" had taken place or that it was indeed both Coach Young and fa Sheezy in the video in question, we do know that fa Sheezy was not on the sideline, and now Coach Young has been taken into custody.

The video in question can be found at:

UPDATE: There is now some questions to the legitimacy of the source Y!SN used to confirm the deal offered by Coach Young.

UPDATE: The Marlette Prosecutor’s office has dropped all charges agaist C-Deezy fa Sheezy and released a statement appologizing for "not fully understanding the sub-plot of the relationship between Coach Young and C-Deezy" and "trusting someone that proved to be untrustworthy."

UPDATE: Coach Young is indeed being held in Marlette for assaulting fa Sheezy. It has been confirmed that it is Coach Young and fa Sheezy in the video. The skills challenge ruse was perpetrated 3 hours before game time.

UPDATE: Young Creative Solutions issued the following statement regarding Coach Young's arrest:

"We have no comment"

UPDATE: Currently rumors are that this arrest was acted on during halftime instead of after the game "because Coach Young seemed to be unhappy that his team was currently winning and CEO J.D. Young feared that Coach Young was going to purposefully try to lose the game."

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