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Ex-Cons Post-game Interview Compilation

MARLETTE (Marlette Leader) - A Consolidation of quotes during the Ex-Cons post game:

"It was surreal. On one hand Coach was making the play calls needed for us to score and on the other he was cursing me out on the sidelines when I would execute the play call perfectly," said Aaron Rodgers

"Watching Coach get taken out in handcuffs during halftime," Brandon Jackson stated, "reminded me a lot of the Old Coach Young, but only this was real cops and not strippers."

Jermichael Finley stated, "I just ran the routes that were called, but after I caught that touchdown pass from Rodge, Coach betrayed me until we took the field again. I'm still confused on what was going on."

"All I know is that Coach kept calling my number but Rodgers keep throwing it to either Double D or Finley. I asked Rodgers why he didn't throw it to me... he just said F- Coach ! I just think tentions were high today," said Mike Sims-Walker.

"I don't know the big deal is," said Louis Delmas, "Coach couldn't have been happier with my proformance today."

"After watching the video it is clear to me that Coach Young possible did not urinate onto C-Deezy. So I do expect him to be released soon and maybe even the charges dropped," CEO J.D. Young said.

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