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Wopat Week 5 Presser

Q: Looks like you're 0-2 so far with your little threats, Ron. What's going on?

RON DAYNE: Look, these coaches want nothing to do with me, ya heard? Maybe Lightning didn't care about what I know between him and Trenkle so they ignore a brother. And that's fine, we slide it on. But Deezy? I got so much junk on that player that he have to respect what I'm bringing in to the dance, you feel me?

Q: Not really, no.

RON DAYNE: I know a lot of weird stuff about C-Deezy that he doesn't want discussed in public.

Q: Oh. Thanks.

RON DAYNE: Don't mention it, kid.

Q: So what do you have to say about the Skills Challenge?

RON DAYNE: (laughs) Well, I tell y'all one thing. I ain't seen Deezy pissed on like that since we was hanging out with R Kelly.

Q: Back when R Kelly was with the Wopat franchise?

RON DAYNE: Damn straight. See how it all come full circle like that son? Represent.

Q: Do you have anything to add about all this arrest talk with Coach Young and C-Deezy?

RON DAYNE: I ain't no snitch.

Q: (sighs) Okay, how about your matchup this week?

RON DAYNE: Well, we 2-2 now. Tough loss last week, playboy. Eli looking like he like throwin' 4 picks a game, and we can't have that. Eli gotta step it up. And 'Dre? He better fix his little ankle or we gonna take care of him McNair style, yo.

Q: What did you just say?

RON DAYNE: Never mind. I got one other thing to say to coach B-Dub: I know things. You think I ain't got things? Straight up, check this out...the Dayne Train knows the real reason why coach B-Dub had to re-locate from the D to the OC. And it ain't nothing he want heard, you dig? So if he don't want this out, they gonna have to trade us they tight-end Jason Witten. Madison up, Garden Grove down, bitch.

Coach Pool makes his way to the podium five minutes later, only to find everyone's gone.

JP: Guys? Anyone? I thought we had a presser or something. Hello?

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