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BREAKING NEWS: Deezies players considered "missing"

ANN ARBOR (Y!SN) - Four important ingredients to the Deezies fa Sheezies first half success in the FFF seem to be missing all of a sudden.

Reports out of Deezy headquarters are saying QB Peyton Manning, WR Austin Collie, TE Dallas Clark and K Adam Vinatieri have not reported to any team functions so far this week.

"They haven't checked in yet since we got back into town after the Dolphinzzz game" an unnamed source stated. "We've tried to reach all of them but were unsuccessful so far. From this point on they should be considered 'missing' and we're turning matters over to the police."

The Deezies have another big game this weekend against the Tom Wopat Fan Club.

Coincidentally, the new "consultant" of the Tom Wopat Fan Club (Don Rayne) also has yet to check in with the Wopat people.

"I did reach Mr. 'Rayne' last night by phone just to ask him when he'd be getting back to headquarters so we can begin preparing for the Deezies and all he said was 'I ain't no snitch' and then he violently hung up the phone on me," Wopat head coach Pool said.

Whether or not these two stories are related will be left to the local authorities to figure out.

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