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Wopat Week 11 Presser

JP: Alright people, I'll be handling the questions this week.

Q: Why is Dayne over there sitting in the corner facing the wall?

JP: He's in "time-out."

Q: Time-out?

JP: Yeah. Apparently the Dayne Train took Brandon Marshall to the clubs Wednesday night and...well y'all saw how that turned out last night.

Q: Sounds pretty harsh.

JP: Yeah well that's too bad. Plus I'm fearing Dayne speaking in public after the latest Coach Young webcast. There's already been too many injuries and incidents around here lately that we can't take the chance of any further instigation.

Ron Dayne yells off in the distance...

DAYNE: Says you homey. Coach Young acting like a punk bitch. He got stuff on me? Let a playa play!

JP: Would you shut up over there? You're in time-out.

DAYNE: Keep that up and you'll be in time-out six feet under, you dig?

JP: (sighs) I don't want to get into Coach Young and all that stuff. We gotta focus this week on...whatever the hell team we're playing.

DAYNE: Marshall gotta get his freak on, kid!

JP: Pipe down, asshole! For the time being Brandon Marshall's gonna take a seat on the bench and we're gonna give Amendola a shot.

DAYNE: Oh no, the white Wes Welker? You trippin' right?

JP: God would you shut it please?

Q: Since when is Welker not white?

JP: Who knows what's going on in that sick head of his...

DAYNE: Young thinks he can drop a dime on me, yo? He better pray I don't take Desean Jackson out on the town and let him loose, you feel me?

JP: I told you to stop threatening people! You're making our franchise look bad and I'm sick of the added police presence around our practice facility.

DAYNE: I ain't no snitch!

JP: (sighs) Any more questions?

Q: Yeah, do you regret bringing in Dayne now?

JP: I...uhhh...don't really want to answer that question right now.

DAYNE: You damn right you ain't answering that shit. Ask D-Clark what it feels like to cross the tracks while the Dayne Train's coming through. Think it's a coincidence that Deezy hasn't been out in public lately? Y'all don't wanna know what I got, straight up.

JP: Oh lord.

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