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Rant about the movie 'The Tree of Life'

I dare anyone to watch the whole movie of ‘The Tree of Life’. Without either turning it off or start to something else, while watching this crap of a movie. This is a movie of montages and monologues from start to end with. This movie never really gets start, when think is goes to get start with the story of some kind of movie it go right back into another montages and monologues. Because of this so-called movie I think back listing should be brought back for anyone that that had any thing to with crap of a movie. This movie does have story line. This type of movie should be shown at Greenfield Village. I will say this it was made differently movie, but it was done very badly. This movie look like a board line movie that was made by college student that did not have any idea what kind of movie he was making, if this type of movie Terrence Malick want to make the he should ever get any money for movie studio ever. Everyone keeps saying this should win best because it was so mind blowing, it was not. It’s boring and flat out suck. I can most time get something out a movie to like, but this movie I cannot. I just made me mad to this movie was made and is being look at some great, awesome mind-blowing movie. If this movie win best motion picture The Oscars will be dead to me. To Quote Cartman from South Park: “Well, I'm out guys. If this is what's cool now, I think I'm done. I no longer have any connection to this world. I'm gonna go home and kill myself. Goodbye, friends.  (Worst Best Picture nod Ever.)

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