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Dec 31, 2013

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The Top 80 Movies from the 1980's in 80 Days (DAY 2)

79. PORKY’S (1982)

Movie Summary:

Set in 1954, a group of Florida high scholars seek out to lose their virginity which leads them to seek revenge on a sleazy nightclub owner and his redneck sheriff brother for harassing them. From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084522/



Dan Monahan—Pee Wee


Mark Herrier—Billy


Wyatt Knight—Tommy


Roger Wilson—Mickey


Cyril O’ Reily—Tim


Toney Ganies—Meat


Kaki Hunter—Wendy


Kim Cattrall—Ms. Honeywell (“Lassie”)


Nancy Parsons—Balbricker


Brain Schwartz—Scott Colomby


Boyd Gaines—Coach Brackett


Doug McGrath—Coach Warren




Bob Clark


Facts about the this movie:


*First teen/sex tromp done by a major studio.


*Porky’s is based on the director life when he went high school in Florida.


*Opening Weekend grossed: $7,623,988 on 1148 Screens


*Total Gross in the USA: $105,500,000


*Porky’s was produced by Canadian company called Astral Media, so because of that it is classed as one Canadian highest grossing films of all time.


*The movie featured four Canadian actors: Art Hindle, Doug McGrow, Susan Clark and Kim Cattrall.


*This was one of Kim Cattrall first major roles in film.


*Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel called it the worst movie of 1982.

Most facts from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porky's


Why I Picked this movie # 79:   

1.It is the first teen/sex tromp with a messages.  

2.The women character’s are has strong as the male character’s.

3.As stated above touches on some toughie issue of the time and does it very well.

4.It is not just another T&A movie like most teen movie were in the 80’s.

5.Plus the defining comedy scenes close to the end. The first scene start out with you finding out why Kim Cattrall  character is called “Lassie”; Then going to the women shower; Then finally with Balbricker  talking to principal about the boy hi jinx.  

6.The scene where boys go to get laid by a Stripper.

7.If Porky’s was made now it would be close to NC-17.


Movie trailer :


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