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The Movie Review Guy Best Movies for 2013
Dec 31, 2013

AND DONE The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 80) (#1):
Aug 13, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 79) (Top 2):
Aug 12, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 78) (Top 3):
Aug 11, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 77):
Aug 10, 2012



The Top 80 movie from the 1980's in 80 Days (DAY 6)::

75. “ET: Extra Terrestrial ” (1982)

Movie Summary:

A meek and alienated little boy finds a stranded extraterrestrial. He has to find the courage to defy the authorities to help the alien return to its home planet.






Henry Thomas—Elliott


Dee Wallace—Mary (Elliott’s Mom)


Peter Thomas—Keys


Robert MacNaughton—Michael (Elliott’s Brother)


Drew Barrymore—Gertie (Elliott’s Sister)


C. Thomas Howell—Tyler (Friend of Michael)




Steven Spielberg



Facts about the this movie:

*Movie Budget: $10,500,000


*Opening weekend: $11,835,389 (USA) (1103 Screens)


*Total Gross: $792,910,554


*The concept for “E.T.” came from Steven Spielberg. He created E.T. after his parents’ got divorced. He was Steven Spielberg imaginary friend.


*Unlike most motion pictures this one was shot in roughly chronological order.


*”E.T.” over took “Star Wars” has highest grossing film of all time, held the spot for ten years.


*Columbia Pictures passed on “E.T.” They called it “a wimpy Walt Disney movie.” That why the movie was done with MCA.


*Mars Incorporated refused to let M&M be used in E.T., because they found E.T. ugly and it would frighten children.

So they used Reese’s Pieces instead.     


*Most of the movie was not storyboard most of the movie.


*It was nominated for nine Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.


*A video game based off the movie was released for Atari 2600 and it is considered the worst video game ever made. The game is also cited for the catalyst of the video game crash in 1983.   


From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E.T._the_Extra-Terrestrial




Why I Picked this movie # 75:   

1.It holds up.


2. It has some good acting.


3. It has a great story.


4. It does a great of pulling at your heart strings.


5. Elliott was not that much of a whiny bitch.


6. It makes you feel like a kid again.


7. It has some memorable characters and lines.


8. You were unable to tell what way this movie was going to go from start. It had a horror/ Sic-Fi feel from the start, but it was able to turn on dime and become loveable Sic-Fi movie. It was one first of the Sic-Fi movies to that.


9. It is an Iconic movie from the 1980’s


Movie trailer:




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