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Dec 31, 2013

AND DONE The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 80) (#1):
Aug 13, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 79) (Top 2):
Aug 12, 2012

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The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days (DAY 48):

33. “Caddyshack” (1980)


Movie Summary:

An exclusive golf course has to deal with a brash new member and a destructive dancing gopher.

From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080487/


Chavy Chase—Ty Webb


Rondney Dangerfield—Al Czervik


Ted Knight—Judge Elihu Smails


Bill Murray—Carl Spackler


The Gopher—as himself


Michael O’Keefe—Danny Noonan


Sarah Holcomb—Maggie O’Hooligan


Scott Colomby—Tony D’Annunzio


Cindy Morgan—Lacey Underall


Dan Resin—Dr. Beeper


Henry Wilcoxon—The Bishop


Ann Ryerson—Grace


Brian Doyle-Murray—Lou Loomis


Dr. Dow—Mr. Wong





Harold Ramis



Facts about the this movie:

*Budget: $6,000,000


*Opening Weekend: $3,142,689 (USA) (656 Screens)


*Gross: $39,846,344 (USA)


*Cindy Morgan did not want to appear topless in the movie. While director Harold Ramis was amenable to changing the scene, producer Jon Peters asked to talk to her while Ramis had her on the phone. When the call ended, Peters informed Ramis that Morgan would do the topless scene - because Peters had told her she would never work again in Hollywood if she didn't. Morgan recounted in July 2010 that this incident contributed to her not working again (voluntarily) for a long time afterward.


*Bill Murray improvised the "Cinderella story" sequence from two lines of stage direction.


*Cindy Morgan (Lacy Underall) has said that the oil massage scene with Chevy Chase was also completely improvised. When Lacy exclaims "You're crazy!" that was Morgan's genuine reaction to Chase dousing her with oil.


*The noises that the Gopher makes are actually vocalized by a dolphin, and the dolphin sound effects used are the same ones that were used for Flipper.


*The character of Lou, played by the film's co-writer Brian Doyle-Murray, is the only one to actually say the word "caddyshack".


*The movie was inspired by writer and co-star Brian Doyle-Murray's memories working as a caddy at a golf club. His brother Bill Murray and director Harold Ramis also worked as caddies when they were teenagers. His brother Ed did actually win a golf scholarship like Michael O'Keefe's character is trying to win in the film.



*The reason the scenes of Mr. Gopher's underground world look better than the rest of the film is because they were filmed on a sound-stage with better quality film stock and cameras rather than on location like the majority of the film.


*In the scene where the Bishop (played by veteran actor Henry Wilcoxon) is having his best round of golf ever during a thunderstorm, he misses an easy putt, looks skyward and yells "rat farts!", and is immediately struck down by a bolt of lightning. The background music in this scene was from Cecil B. DeMille's classic The Ten Commandments, in which Wilcoxon played the part of Pentaur.


*The rowdy, improvisational atmosphere around the filming, created by Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield, didn't sit well with all the members of the cast. Ted Knight, widely regarded as a very nice man, got fed up with the constant shenanigans. Initially, Murray's, Chase's, and Dangerfield's roles were to be cameo appearances. But their deft improvising caused their roles to be expanded much to the chagrin of Scott Colomby and some of the other cast members whose roles were reduced as a result.


*Harold Ramis based the character of Carl Spackler on a slightly deranged police officer who was a shell-shocked war veteran.


*The gopher sequences were written and filmed after most of the movie was shot. Originally, director Harold Ramis wanted to cast a live animal to play the gopher. When that did not work out, the animatronic gopher and its tunnels were built by John Dykstra.


*According to 'Harold Ramis (I)' on the DVD Commentary, he claims that he wanted to score the movie to Pink Floyd music but the studio wouldn't allow him to do that. After an audition, Kenny Loggins came up with the famous theme song for the film, "I'm Alright" and played it for the producers and got the job. Johnny Mandel, who wrote the film's musical score, was also hired immediately afterward.


*The scene where Carl and Ty are talking in Carl's "house" was almost entirely improvised between Bill Murray and Chevy Chase.


*Rodney Dangerfield hired singer and golfer Don Cherry to teach him to golf for this film. Don was a regular headliner in Las Vegas and lived near Dangerfield. In addition to his singing, Don was a very well known-professional golfer.


*While the movie was filmed in Ft Lauderdale, FL the country club was supposed to be located in Nebraska. In preparation for filming certain scenes they spent many days spraypainting the grass blue around the clubhouse.


*The second story of the clubhouse was fake. It was only added for the movie and was empty inside.


*Chevy Chase's character Ty, makes several references to owning or working in a "lumber yard". Co-writer Brian Doyle-Murray's father worked in a lumber yard.


*Ted Knight's final movie.

*According to Jon Peters and unbeknownst to Harold Ramis, if the shoot hadn't gone as planned or if Ramis' dailies weren't going to live up to what the studio had wanted, they had to pick a director just in case this happened. After the studio loved the dailies, they backed off and production went on as planned.


*Bill Murray filmed all of his scenes, including the famous scene with Chevy Chase, in six days. (Many people expected them to have another confrontation as they had had during Chase's return to Saturday Night Live years before. They were professional and didn't show any signs of their alleged previous feud.


*After the film started shooting, a hurricane hit Florida and delayed production for several days. The production also experienced delays due to problems with earthworms.


*Editor William C. Carruth's original assembled length was about four and a half hours. Bill Murray's ball mashing speech scene lasted a good thirty minutes. Everyone hated the way the film was being put together so they brought in another editor to cut it down to more reasonable length and pace. Orion Pictures and the producers still were not happy with this cut as the shortened version cut out much of the story with the caddies due to both pace and the fact that Bill Murray's, Chevy Chase's and Rodney Dangerfield's parts set the pace for the film's strong comedic elements. The gopher was added at the last minute to ensure that the movie had structure rather than being a series of vignettes


*The swimming pool scene was not shot at the country club, but rather in California.


*The scene where Cindy Morgan walks by Scott Colomby and Michael O'Keefe at the swimming pool made Morgan very nervous at first, but when she completed it, she felt relieved. Colomby was supposed to say a line while she walked past him but couldn't so he wet his lips and that's what ended up on screen.


*In the lovemaking scene, Cindy Morgan was so uncomfortable that Harold Ramis ordered a closed set for it. Michael O'Keefe asked all the cast and crew to take off their shirts for the scene to make her feel more comfortable.


*Cindy Morgan was furious at Chevy Chase during their scene in his cabana. Morgan was upset at the fact that Chase was improvising more than she had anticipated because he didn't tell her ahead of time. This made her uncomfortable, which can be seen clearly when she's having the tequila shots with him and the massage where all the oil accidentally spilled out on her back. Harold Ramis had to settle them down and the scenes then went very smoothly.


*A big hill was built from scratch for the climactic 18th hole scene because the country club did not want their course blown up. They used too many explosives, which completely destroyed the hill and caused planes flying by to report the explosion as if a plane had crashed there.


*After filming wrapped each day, most of the cast and crew spent the nights partying, which eventually took its toll before the end of filming as cast and crew began to show up late for morning calls, holding up filming for hours at a time.


*This was the first movie Harold Ramis directed.


*It was Rodney Dangerfield first major studio and big budget film.


From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080487/trivia


Why I Picked this movie #33:


1.It is the best movie golf ever made.


2. One of best comedic cast to every be together for one movie.


3. Funny has hell.


4. Still hold up.


5. Awesome chemistry with the cast.


6. Some of the best ad-libbing for a movie.


7. Has some of the most memorable quotes / dialog in film history.


8. It is one of top 10 funniest movie made in the 1980’s.


9. Has some of the most memorable scenes in film history.


10. What it is real like at a golf club.


11. It has Chavy Chase from the 80’s when he was nothing but money.


12. Rondney Dangerfield steals the movie.


13. Cindy Morgan B or C size tits.


First time seeing it:


On VHS at home.


Movie trailer:



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