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Dec 31, 2013

AND DONE The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 80) (#1):
Aug 13, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 79) (Top 2):
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The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days (DAY 59):

22. “Coming to America” (1988)

Movie Summary:

An African prince goes to Queens, New York City to find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will.

From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094898/


Eddie Murphy—Prince Akeem, Clarnce, Randy Watson and Saul

Arsenio Hall—Semmi, Extremely Ugly Guy, Morris, Reverend Brown

James Earl Jones—King Jaffe Joffer

John Amos—Cleo McDowell

Madge Sinclair—Queen Aoleon

Shari Headley—Lisa McDowell

Eriq La Salle—Darryl Jenks

Frankie Faison—Landlord

Louie Anderson—Maurice

Allison Dean—Patrice McDowell


John Landis

Facts about the this movie:

*Budget: $39,000,000 (estimated)

*Gross: $288,800,000 (Worldwide)

*Director Trademark: [John Landis] [look to camera] When Patricia tells Daryl he needs to take off his wet clothes after he tells her that Lisa dumped him, he looks directly into the camera. Also, at the Mcdowels' house and Leo's daughter says "Why does she always get the good ones?", the dog does the same thing

*Eddie Murphy was ordered by a court to give 19% of his earnings to co-writer Art Buchwald because Murphy did not give Buchwald credit for developing the story with him.

*Airport scenes in Into the Night and Coming to America have a call over the PA system for a "Mr. Frank Oznowicz" to pick up the white courtesy phone. This is Frank Oz's real name.

*The bums that pick up the money that Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) drops are the "Duke Brothers" (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche) from Trading Places (also directed by John Landis). In that movie, Billy Ray Valentine (Murphy) was responsible for The Dukes losing their fortune.

*All characters in the barber shop (including the Caucasians) are played by Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Clint Smith, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

*The barbers call Akeem "Kunta Kinte", a reference to Roots. John Amos, who plays Cleo McDowell (Lisa's father), played the adult Kunta Kinte in Roots. Madge Sinclair (Queen Aoleon), played Kunta Kinte's wife and James Earl Jones (King Jaffe Joffer) played Alex Haley Jr. in Roots: The Next Generations.

*When King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones) meets Lisa's father in the restaurant, he warns him to keep his presence secret from Akeem. As King Joffer leaves the restaurant, he says, "Do not alert him to my presence. I'll deal with him myself," similar to lines Jones delivered as Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

*The "McDowell's" restaurant was actually a Wendy's on Queens Blvd. that was scheduled to be closed for a complete renovation. Although the production had approval from McDonald's corporate headquarters, they apparently didn't pass the word down to their local outlets. On the day the "McDowell's" sign was erected, the manager of the McDonald's 1/2 mile further up the road arrived with his lawyer and proceeded to take photographs while telling the set dressing crew they were going to be sued for everything they were worth.

*Sidney Poitier was originally considered for the role of King Jaffe Joffer.

*Vanessa Williams was originally considered for the role of Lisa McDowell.

*Cuba Gooding Jr., an Oscar nominee, and Vondie Curtis-Hall, and Emmy/SAG Award nominee, made their first on-screen appearances in this film.

*Director John Landis and Eddie Murphy did not get along and Murphy vowed to never work with Landis again. However, the two later reconciled and Eddie personally asked John to direct Beverly Hills Cop 3.

*According to John Landis, it was his idea to have Eddie Murphy wear makeup to play a Jewish man as a sort of payback for Jewish comedians wearing blackface in the early 1900's.

*A television pilot of a weekly sitcom version of the film was produced for CBS following this film's successful release. The series starred Tommy Davidson as Prince Tariq, and Paul Bates reprised his role as Oha. The pilot went unsold, but was televised on July 4, 1989 as an episode of CBS Summer Playhouse.

From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094898/trivia

Why I Picked this movie #22:

1.It still hold up

2. It is timeless.

3. Funny has hell.

4. Has some of the most memorable quotes / dialog in film history.

5. It has Eddie Murphy from the 80’s when he was nothing but money. And he could actually make you laugh, unlike now a days. Was able to play three or four different people in the movie and everyone of them was funny has hell.

6. Has some of the most memorable scenes in film history.

7. Awesome chemistry with the cast.

8. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall play off of each great.

9. Arsenio Hall played three or four different people in the movie and everyone of them was funny has hell

10. Awesome cast.

11. Stolen or not, it was a great Script.

12. Non-stop laughing, action with a touch of heart from beginning to conclude.

13.  Once again shows how great of actor Eddie Murphy could have been.

14. Stolen or not, it was a great story.

15. It was third to last movie movies before Eddie Murphy fell off deep end in every way someone can.

First time seeing it:


Movie trailer:


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