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Dec 31, 2013

AND DONE The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 80) (#1):
Aug 13, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 79) (Top 2):
Aug 12, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 78) (Top 3):
Aug 11, 2012

The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days ( DAY 77):
Aug 10, 2012



The Top 80 movies from the 1980's in 80 Days (DAY 61):

20. “Fletch” (1985)


Movie Summary:

Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher, Los Angeles journalist, really lives for his profession. As Jane Doe, he publishes articles that have caused several heads to roll in the past. Now, Fletch is at it again: In disguise as a bum, he lives at the beach, researching drugs and their dealing. One day, Fletch is addressed by Alan Stanwyk, a rich man, who asks him, the bum, a favour. For the sum of $50,000, Fletch should kill poor cancer-ridden Mr. Stanwyk with a gun, so that his wife will get the insurance money. What the guy didn't think of was Fletch's real profession. Returning into normal life, Fletch instantly takes up research not only to find out that Mr. Stanwyk is healthy as life itself but he also runs into certain connections between drug dealing at the beach, Alan Stanwyk, his private jet, the police and a very expensive piece of Land in Utah. Written by Julian Reischl


From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089155/





Chevy Chase


Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher

Joe Don Baker


Chief Jerry Karlin

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson


Gail Stanwyk

Richard Libertini


Frank Walker

Tim Matheson


Alan Stanwyk

M. Emmet Walsh


Dr. Joseph Dolan

George Wendt


Fat Sam

Kenneth Mars


Stanton Boyd

Geena Davis




From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089155/




Michael Ritchie


Facts about the this movie:


*Opening Weekend: $7,022,970 (USA) (2 June 1985)


*Gross: $46,700,000 (USA)


*The award banquet Fletch interrupts is in honor of Fred Dorfman. Fred Dorfman the name of Kent "Flounder" Dorfman's brother in Animal House, which was originally going to feature Chevy Chase as Eric "Otter" Stratton. Otter was eventually played by Tim Matheson, who also appears in this movie as Alan Stanwyk.


*When Mr. Underhill comes to collect the money for his lunch bill, Fletch searches for the time on his non watch-wearing wrist. This is a trademark of Chevy Chase.


*Gregory McDonald, the author of the Fletch novels, had casting approval over the film. He rejected both Mick Jagger and Burt Reynolds before he decided on Chevy Chase for the lead.


*Irwin Fletcher's daydream of playing in the NBA was based partly on another "Earvin"; former L.A. Laker Magic Johnson. In the movie's promotional poster, Fletch's team ID card bears the name "Magic Christian" (a reference to The Magic Christian, a 1969 Peter Sellers movie based on a Terry Southern novel).


*When Fletch tells Frank that he is quitting, he says that he's going to try out for the Lakers, because, according to Fletch, "they need a good power forward". In 1985, the Lakers' Power Forward was Mitch Kupchak, who would go on to become the General Manager of the Lakers.


*An original run of movie posters showing Fletch in his various disguises including one as a hockey player which never made the actual film.


From: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089155/trivia



Why I Picked this movie #20:

1. Awesome acting by Chevy Chase. It really shows he could have done drama.


2. One of the best 80 movies made in 1980’s


3. Awesome Script.


4. Awesome adaption from a book.


5. Has some of the most memorable scenes in film history.


6. It still holds up.


7. One of most Iconic movie Made in the 80’s.


8. Has some of the most memorable quotes / dialog in film history.


9. Chevy Chase really carries the movie and does it like champ.


10. Funny has hell.


11. It has Chavy Chase from the 80’s when he was nothing but money.


12. Great casting.


13. Great story.


14. Good drama.


15. Good action.


16. Great Detective story.


First time seeing it:




Movie trailer:



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