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'The Amazing Spider-Man' anger

I saw 'The Amazing Spider-Man' today. When I walked out at the end, I was steaming pissed off. This movie had more issues then any women that has or would want to date me. It was like they took everything thing that Spider-Man stood for and said, “F you” to all the fans of Spider-Man:

1.     Turned Peter Parker/ Spider-Man into an arrogant, showoff and prick. He also come off like a GQ piece of shit. One of the great things about Parker/ Spider-Man is how humble and geeky he is at the beginning.

2.     As for Gwen Stacy I am not a fan of this women character.

3.     They had her going after Parker/ Spider-Man in stead up the other way around.

4.     When you have a character telling you that need to keep your mask on, that is something that is off.

5.     The fact that web come out of some kind of device he make instead of it coming out of him, this make him more like Batman.

6.     The police Captain hate him, but befriend by the of the movie, sound simpler to other Super hero.

7.     Forget about Uncle been Killer.

8.     The fact that he take his mask off so much and let people know Peter Park is Spider-Man.

9.     For Peter Parker being so smart, he does a lot of dumb things.

I cannot believe I have to get so pissed off about this bullshit. And sadder part is I will most like go and see part two, if they make one.

comments (1) 08-04-2012

The People's Comments:

For the record, Gwen pursuing Peter is canon: they met while undergrads at Empire State University.  Peter initially didn't pick up on Gwen's advances, so she dated a couple of his friends out of frustration, but it always began with Gwen's interest in Peter, not the other way around. 
I know the idea of a woman pursuing a man still seems foreign to some of us neanderthals, but keep in mind that Gwen was introduced during the heyday of the Sexual Revolution and was a major step-up from the other women in Peter's life at the time (Betty Brant, Liz Allan, etc.).  That's one (of many) reason(s) why most long-term Spiderfans prefer Gwen to Mary Jane, who was basically a running joke who never appeared during the early years of the series.

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