The People's Comments:

Dentists are funny people. I haven't had a regular one since my family dentist passed away, back when I was still in high school. These days I go to the U-M Dental School. It's a four-hour trip every time, but I treat it like a vacation in the middle of the day. They're always thorough (it's their grade, y'all!) and have their work double-checked. Plus, I get a new dentist every two years.

I heard the reason "Not that Fat One" isn't getting made is because when CW met Spielberg on that one faithful night ... sorry I can't talk about it. It is still to painful.

I heard the reason Not the Fat One isn't getting made is because the writers are suspected communists.

yeah! why hasn't Not the Fat One been made? CW is out there in LA. He needs to befriend someone who. . . I don't know. . . reads scripts for a major Hollywood director. The boy must hook us up!

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