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The robot looks realistic, but the controls are almost impossible
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 8 | Vote

OK, where's the bitch's off switch?
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 7 | Vote

A researcher and volunteer test the new Kinsey 5000.
Posted By: cdeezy | Votes: 7 | Vote

Ah, this is how they're getting people to still believe in the President's administration.
Posted By: haas | Votes: 7 | Vote

I told that tech geek down at Radio Shack he took it too far with me when he attempted to persuade me to buy a plasma screen computer monitor, but now he's taken it WAY too far.
Posted By: foley | Votes: 7 | Vote

For some reason I figured mind control would be a bit smaller, somewhat less noticeable.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 6 | Vote

Looks it's Haas's ex-girlfriend... RoboMom. To quote young haas, "She's very lifelike with a vibrating pussy and everything."
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 6 | Vote

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