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"Huh -- it IS bigger!"
Posted By: cdeezy | Votes: 9 | Vote

this isn't that creepy video of the marine throwing the dog is it?
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 8 | Vote

when training for Olympic powerlifting you may want to start small. a weight set is heavy, so try a small dog instead.
Posted By: coldcat | Votes: 8 | Vote

This poodle doesn't have to wear pants, but Donald Duck gets banned for the same? I call Disneyism!
Posted By: cdeezy | Votes: 7 | Vote

I checked the dead raccoon in my attic for the same thing, just to be sure.
Posted By: cdeezy | Votes: 7 | Vote

They sure do give away some weird prizes on these Japanese game shows.
Posted By: haas | Votes: 7 | Vote

Dog: If this bitch keeps this up, I'm going to piss in her eye.
Posted By: crashnet | Votes: 7 | Vote

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