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I just got to the party...

Sadly, I just arrived at the LWJ party some 3 years late as Haas told me last week. I apologize for getting here late, but you see, I lost my directions and then had to invite myself. I'd like to thank the LWJ gods for giving me this opportunity and I hope that I will not disappoint them. I only have a few minutes to write today as I somehow roped myself into joining my parents and grandmother at Ruby's Diner for dinner before the 4 of us go to see the Anaheim Angels play the Ontario Blue Jays of Toronto. A 6:05 start, so I hope we walk in at some point AFTER the singing of "O, America Junior"--which, coincidentally, will be sung to the tune of "O, Canada." You can fill in your own damn lyrics. Thanks for reading, and in the words of my Governator: "I'll be back!"

comments (1) 05-31-2008

The People's Comments:

Would that be 6:05 eastern time or pacific time?

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