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Attempted Murder...

So, Wednesday evening, I was cooking dinner outside and kept hearing these helicopters flying over our condo.  The choppers evetnually went away and I didn't think anything else of it until "Attempted murder in Portola Hills" came from one of our local news reports.  Here's the latest story from The Orange County Register.  He went to Mexico?  Really?  Duh.  He shot his ex-eife in the face.  If she dies, we'll inject the sumbitch with so much cyanide he'll kill the grass they bury him under--but wait, our friends south of the border don't extradite to the United States when the Death Penalty is in play.  Thanks, Mexico...for nothing.

Went and saw two movies this weekend.  "Get Smart" and "The Happening."  Sadly, I'll have to see "Get Smart" a second time because, during the 9:50 show, I decided that taking a little cat nap would be a great idea.  From what I saw, though, it was a good movie.  "The Happening" was O.K. but it didn't leave me watching my back all the way out to the car like I thought it would. 

I really don't have much else.  I hope you all had a safe 4th of July.  I start a new class on Monday, so it might be a while before you see me again (stop cheering, damnit).

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