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Andy Dick and All Star Game Mania

I'm blogging from my mom's school issued laptop tonight and had anticipated the chance to link to the stories I am talking about tonight. Unfortunately, I don't see the usual toolbar with that option, so I either have to link to it the old way or just let you Google it your own damn self. if you've got a problem with it, you can suck it! As is usually the case, a lot has happened since my last post, so forgive me if I make you remember what happened about two weeks ago. BTW- I'm sitting in class tonight listening to presentations...God help me!!! Andy Dick was arrested around the 16th of this month for allegedly exposing himself to a 17 year old female. Why is this Andy's fault? Why wasn't this teenager in bed when the alleged act occurred? I know that there isn't much to do in the Inland Empire in the summer, on a weeknight, but come on! Why were you hanging out around Buffalo Wild Wings at 1:30 in the morning? Why weren't you in bed like the rest of your peer group? And where the hell were your parents? Those are the idiots that should be arrested, not Andy Dick! Last I checked, the 2008 MLB All-Star Game was about to head into the bottom of the 99th inning. The NFL Draft thinks this game gets too much TV time. Here's an idea: Next year, bring in a dunk tank. You know, the one from carnivals and fairs where you get 3 balls for $1 (a helluva deal for any married man). It can be like the NHL shootout where it team gets 5 chances to knock the opposing manager into the tank. Best out of 5 wins. If it is still tied, go to sudden death. Worst case, just have a relay race between the first and third base coaches. Anything has to be better than Joe Buck and Tim McCarver wondering what happens when the last available pitcher is used! [I just interjected my two cents into the class discussion about people with disabilities working in the public. Save the unwanted and Wal-Mart jokes, I've thought of them all!] I think Rick Mahorn should be arrested. Not for allegedly pushing Lisa Leslie to the Palace floor, but because he's made an irrelevant professional sport (WNBA) a national headline. Of course, I would have expected the league to do a Playboy photo shoot or put out a Dykes of the Month calendar before Rick Mahorn decided to carry out some Orenthal tendencies. I've just looked into my crystal ball and for some reason I see one of two things happening: 1) Mahorn & Leslie are the Main Event during the next WWE PPV or 2) Mahorn and a WWE Diva go head to head during the next PPV. [Based on this current presentation, I have ADHD.] The Angels just put a 6 spot up on the BoSox. Hopefully the bullpen can hold the 5 run lead. C'mon guys, it is only 12 outs! Summer school ends on Thursday (finally), and I get to take a road trip to Phoenix & then Laughlin on the 10th. I'll be stopping at Culver's a couple of times and I'm sure I'll be putting some money on a few baseball games. The word of the day is "parlay." Unlike Charles Barkley, I don't have a gambling problem. Enjoy the rest of July.

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see, and I thought the big shock in the Andy Dick story is that he was exposing himself to a 17 year old FEMALE.

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