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The NHL is back...

In an effort to ruin another NHL season, the league started with two REGUALR SEASON games Saturday afternoon in Europe. While I'm all for expanding the sport of hockey, I don't think the league needs to expand its fan base in Europe. The league needs to look within and expand its brand in North America. Play these games at a neutral site, like Vegas, Alaska, or hell, even Hawaii. Televise the games on a network that everybody gets like, I don't know, NBC or ESPN. Versus is a joke. Saying that Versus is a TV channel is like saying Michigan Tech is an accredited four year university. How many people actually get this lame channel? 15? 20? Las Vegas citizens did what the people of Los Angeles couldn't do. OJ Simpson has been convicted on all counts in his kidnapping/robbery trial in Sin City. Memo to the Juice: When you get away with murder--twice--you might want to behave the rest of your life like Mother Theresa or Pope John Paul II. You shouldn't be walking into Vegas hotel rooms holding a gun as you hold people against their will. Thank God for the people of Nevada. Come December 5th, the Juice will probably be locked up for 5 years to life. Oh, and the sentences from the 13 convictions will not be served concurrently--he'll have to serve them all one at a time. Go to hell, Juice. I took the wife to see the new Dolly Parton play "9 to 5: The Musical." It stars Allison Janney from "The West Wing" and some other people I didn't know. The production was enjoyable and if I get the opportunity to see it again before it closes later this month, I probably will. It was that good...and FUNNY! Janney is one helluva physical comedic actress. I miss "The West Wing." Speaking of the wife, she turned 30 on Friday. Her best friend from Michigan flew in to surprise her, and tomorrow morning I'm throwing a surprise brunch for her. She has no clue about the brunch or the trip to the spa that will follow, but I know she's having a great weekend, which is all I could ask for for her. ABC allowed "Dirty Sexy Money" to return for another season, which is great, because I think that Peter Krause is a great actor. He was great on SportsNight and does a great job on DSM, too. Nothing much else about that. Krause is good and Aaron Sorkin gets screwed with everything he does on TV. The Anaheim Ducksplay their last preseason game tomorrow about the Vancouver Canucks. The Ducks, who are returning a core group from previous years seem to have what it takes to dominate the tough Western Conference. The Ducks are 5-1-1 and will hopefully continue this trend into the regular season this Thursday against the San Jose Sharks. The Anaheim Angels suck. They're about to lose to the Red Sox for the 12th straight time in the postseason. There's always next year. Thanks for reading. I'll catch you all later.

comments (4) 10-05-2008

The People's Comments:

I get Versus and CBC, but most Wings games are on Fox Sports Detroit so it doesn't matter anyway. They need to get rid of the stupid trapezoid behind the nets.

Maybe if NHL brought back the glowing hockey puck the dumb, white trash, American People will become fan of the sport. The NHL will not be come a really league until some kills Gary Bettman or fires him. He is the one that killing the NHL.

I usually watch hockey on CBC when I watch it. No cable access, so no Versus.

The NHL really screwed the pooch with the lockout. The addition of the shootout has gone a long way to bring fans back, but it's going to take a few more seasons. And, if the NHL continues to make ass-hatted decisions like the ticket allocations for the "Winter Classic", fans will find something else to do with their time and money.

Ha ha, Versus only has 20 people watching, ha ha ha ha, that's so funny, never heard that before!!! People that like hockey watch Versus, I also like curling, you don't see me bitching about the lack of curling coverage do you?! No! I go and find the sport I like on a channel that will cover it (God Bless and watch it. America is NOT a hockey country...get over it. Tune into TSN, Versus and NBC (in the winter on Saturdays) and be happy it's not on regional channels only.

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