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Mar 16, 2009



Dwayne Wade is not the MVP

Dwayne Wade's a good basketball player.  He's damn good, but is he the MVP of the Association?  No.  I don't undertsand the hype around this guy.  Yeah, he scored 50 points* against Utah the other night.  But, as the * indicates, it was  TRIPLE overtime game.  He played in the equivalent of 5.25 quarters of basketball.  Kobe puts up 61 in the Garden and it makes SportsCenter for one day.  Wade scores 50 in 3 overtimes and it is all these hacks talk about for the entire weekend. 

The MVP race is a 3 horse race right now.  Here's how the 3 breakdown (in terms of per 48 minutes of basketball, not per game):

Kobe:   36.4 Mins   37.0 Pts   7.2 Rebs   6.5 Asts   1.89 Assist:Turnover Ratio

Wade:  38.6 Mins   37.1 Pts   6.4 Rebs   9.5 Asts   2.15 A/TO

LB:       37.8 Mins   36.3 Pts  9.5 Rebs    9.1 Asts   2.36 A/TO


As you can see, a compelling argument for all 3 men.  With only a month left in the season it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.  Should be a good one!

comments (1) 03-16-2009

The People's Comments:

As always we should only be talking who's the real MVP -- Kobe or LB. With that said, and I know we don't count the post-season in this. However if Denver ends up in the Finals, I think the MVP nod really belongs to Billups. I know his numbers are not "MVP" numbers. But he clearly shows MVP qualities and should be treated as such.

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