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Michigan: The Backwards State

Let me just put it out there for you.  The state of michigan's adoption laws/policies/procedures are FUCKED UP.  Not to mention the judges in the state are lame, No Talent Ass Clowns and trolls.  

Our court proceedings today were cancelled because the NTAC judge was sick.  Whatever, bitch.  I worked while battling can come to work with a little cough.  Instead of pushing everything on the calendar back a day, we got the "next available" time, which isn't until March 22nd.

At this point, though, none of this shit should surprise me because this fucked up state hasn't had our son's best interest in mind during his entire 8 weeks on this Earth.  My poor wife has been trapped in that godforsaken land for 8 weeks and we aren't allowed to leave the state with our son until this NTAC judge rules that the birthmom's rights have been relinquished.  So, he's living in a house that was built when Grover Cleveland was president (the first time) and he hasn't seen me (in person) since February 21.  (I won't even start on the price gouging the damn airlines are getting away with right now).

So, I'll end with this.  Thanks, LWJ for letting me vent in a spot where my wife won't get mad at me for airing my dirty laundry.  I'll go to bed shortly and wake up tomorrow when the sun will come out and start us all anew.

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