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Unwanted's Unselfish Weekend

Five years ago last weekend, I had received a phone call that my great-grandmother had been taken out of her assisted living apartment and placed in a rehab facility. She was living in Northwest Arkansas and I was still living in Ypsilanti and thought that if there was an opportunity to visit her, that I should probably make the trip. 

When the work schedules came out (my 2nd job), I wasn't scheduled to work during the next weekend (which is this weekend), so I started really looking at how I could possibly make the trip south and back and still be able to be at work at 7 AM on Monday morning. I knew it would be impossible to make the trip alone and flying down there was too expensive. Due to prior commitments, my wife wasn't available to make the trip with me, so I made a phone call to Unwanted and Haas.

Haas had a commitment for the weekend, but Unwanted said he was available to make the trip with me. I went ahead and reserved a rental car and started to really plan out the trip.

I had figured the drive would take about 15 hours, and that if we left early enough Saturday morning, we could make Arkansas around dinner time. It looked like I would get some time with my great-grandmother Saturday night, spend the night at my Great Uncles, and then go back to see her in the morning before having to drive the 15 hours back home. I hadn't figured on the mother of all ice storms to hit Illinois.

Luckily, the ice storm had passed during the day on Friday and the road crews were able to get the roads into decent driving conditions by Saturday morning. We safely made it to Arkansas (although it was freaking cold the entire drive) and I was able to spend the time with my great-grandmother that I really needed.

We left Sunday morning and she was released from rehab early the next week. I like to think that my visit had something to do with her improved strength. Unfortunately, she was only out of rehab for a couple of days before she was right back in. Two weeks after our visit, while Rachel and I were on a trip to California, she passed away. 

There was a reason that I was able to make it to Arkansas that weekend. There was a reason why I met Unwanted in college. There was a reason that she passed away on the same weekend that Rachel & I were in California with my family.

I'm thankful for Unwanted and his unselfishness that weekend five years ago. He's the poster-child for friendship. I know I'll never forget what he did for me and for my family. I was able to say good-bye. I was able to get some closure and I was able to have a memory of her that I will never forget. 

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The People's Comments:

We are truely lucky to have a friend like him. 

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